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Arzu Senel Architecture


AS ARCHITECTURE B.V. is a design-led architectural studio for architecture, planning and (interior-) design. The firm is established in january 2010 by Ir. Arzu Senel in Amsterdam. The company distinguishes itself by its professionalism, imagination, elegance and design ingenuity. We seek the best design solution, that ensures highest quality and functionality, both for large or small budget assignments. Our portfolio contains residential, cultural, industrial, interior design, restoration and conservation projects. 


AS architecture B.V. is a dynamic company that works closely with professionals from different disciplines. For each assignment a professional and knowledgeable team is assembled to ensure the specifically required knowledge. We strongly believe that the best design emerges from the synergy between client, architect and other experts. Carefully listening to the wishes of the client and a sharp analysis of the schedule of requirements enables qualitative customization. This not only results in interesting architecture and technically well-developed buildings but secures our future success as an architecture agency.


AS ARCHITECTURE B.V. is registered and certified by BNA (Chamber of Royal Architects in The Netherlands)

All our projects are in accordance with the DNR 2011

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Arzu Senel, Msc. 

BNA Architect

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