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Mosque Mevlana


Location: Zevenaar, the Netherlands

Area: 750 m2

Completion date: 2013

The client, the board of the Mevlana Mosque in Zevenaar, has delayed the project that was already in the execution phase and entrusted it to the architectural firm ASarchitecture. The already finished foundation and anchorplan of the main supporting structure of steel, have not made it easy to make changes. Within a short time, a new design for both facades, minaret and dome, was produced. To strengthen the unity of the building, it was decided to construct the dome, the minaret and the walls on the ground floor in the same material. The dome was detached from the roof with the use of glass, and as a result a great floating effect in the space was created. The folds of the robe of the dancing Mevlana, as conceptual inspiration, were used for the design of the facades. The folds of the robe are made of small windows, through which a wave motion in all facades arises. The minaret is made in a abstract square shape.

Project Gallery

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