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Mosque Aksemseddin 

Location: Beverwijk, The Netherlands

Area: 1350 m2

Completion date: 2014

We developed together with the client a plan according the requirements of the community with two seprated entrances for men and woman. Although the client agreed with a modern building for the new mosque they wanted to have a dome and a minaret. ​The minaret is made in a abstract twisted square shape. The dome was detached from the roof with the use of glass, and as a result a great floating effect in the space was created. To strengthen the unity of the building, it was decided to demolish the existing facade of the main building and make the facade in glass and metal panels with an mix of islamic patterns. The Aksemseddin Mosque in Beverwijk is in need for expansion. A part of the existing building (shown in orange) and the facade of the main will be demoslished. The expansion will be realized in the garden behind the building. The existing building of 650 m2 will be with the expansion of 700 m2 more at the end 1350 m2.


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