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Location: Acipayam, Denizli TURKEY

Area: 845 m2

Completion date:

The first phase of a residential building in West Turkey's town Acipayam. The aim of the client is to develop more modern buildings in this region which is also sustainable and which provide its own energy needs. There will be PV panels. This development will be the first in this area who is going to be self sufficient. The PV Panels on the roof is going to provide de energy for the warmwater pump in the basement. Further is this building an example of a building designed in modern architectural style which is new for this area. The buildings in Acipayam are built in the late Turkeys (after 1950) apartment building style. This developing city has the potential to grow rapidly. y and Three Quays sites provide a unique opportunity in de development of the north bank of the River Thames. An initial approach to the site began by defining its maximum buildable envelope. This is arrived at by the limitations given by the strategic viewing corridors and the desire for a descending profile towards the river and the Tower of London. This envelope is then 'cut into' opening up its relationship with Custom House and laying out a logical strategy for separate built elements that satisfy the brief, two residential and one deep office building.



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