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Location: Lummen, Belgium

Area: 85000 m2

Completion date: work in progress

The project developed here consists of several proposals on different scales: from the intervention in this natural environment to the interior design of the house.

The initial proposal is the rehabilitation of this residence into a modern country house, in which the family will be able to receive guests and spend leisure time.

The chosen location is a Belgian farmhouse, which will be transformed to accommodate new high-end stables for the client's Arabian horses.

The main objective is to achieve a rural style following current design trends. The materials are intended to bring the inhabitant closer to this natural space, using finishes that are not too altered to preserve its earthy essence. Stone, brick and wood are the protagonists of the place.

The project is currently in the design phase, which allows the spaces to be approached from different styles, tones and compositions.


Lummen Farmhouse

Project Gallery

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